SBL Grand Final Game Previews

SBL Grand Final Game Previews – Women:  Saturday 18 August, 5pm, South Pine Sports Complex.

Northside Wizards (1) vs Phoenix Clippers (4)

Last time: Round 9 – Northside Wizards 73 (R. McCarty 30) def Phoenix Clippers 63 (Z. Campbell 15).

The SBL Grand Finals sees Phoenix Clippers, after winning their semi-final away to Spartans last weekend, travelling to play Northside Wizards at South Pine Sports Complex this Saturday.  The Clippers were highly impressive in seeing off the Spartans 90-58 at Carina last Saturday, especially with only 1 player on the bench.  Northside were equally impressive with a comprehensive 72-33 win over SWM Pirates at home, which clinched them home court advantage for the Grand Final.

Both teams controlled their respective semi-finals almost from the opening tip-off. The Wizards were never really challenged by an under-strength Pirates team, and dominated the match virtually from start to finish. Kayla Beverley and Georgia McCarron were equal top-scorer for the Wizards with 17 points each, and they received good support from Abagail Marsh, who had 14 points. On the other hand, the Wizards kept the SWM scoring to only 3 players, and while Kamryn Hanara-Latu scored 15 points for the Pirates, 3 Pirates players failed to trouble the scorers.  One of the key features of the Wizards’ campaign this season has been a solid team effort.  Regan McCarty was very impressive last time these team met, with 30 points, and she also had 21 points against Redlands a few weeks ago.  Kayla Beverley and Emma Glenn have also contributed consistently throughout the season; keeping Northside’s multiple scoring options in check will be a major challenge for Phoenix.

Phoenix Clippers travelled to Rowland Cowan Stadium to play the Spartans, and leapt out of the starting blocks to open a double figure lead midway through the first quarter.  The Clippers were able to keep their momentum rolling during the match, and enjoyed profitable contributions from Amy Benjamin (21 points), Madeline Campbell (20 points), Hayley Cotter (18 points) and Georgia Berry (15 points).  Equally telling were the Clippers decisively out-rebounding the Spartans, and their willingness to fight for every scrap of possession.  Apart from the players mentioned here, the Clippers have enjoyed some good contributions this Season from Dustie Obah (who scored 14 points in the last round of the regular season), and from Zoe Campbell who scored 15 points when these teams met back in Round 9.  The Campbell sisters have proved a handy 1-2 act for the Clippers team.

The advantage for the Wizards will be their depth with some scoring options coming off the bench; and having had one less game in previous weeks, then they should have fresher legs going up against a Clippers team who had a hard fought win in Week 1, then travelled to Spartans in Week 2.  They will also be buoyed by having beaten Phoenix in Round 9.  Clippers will need to start strongly again in the Grand Final, however their challenge will be to maintain momentum when they need to go to their bench.  Clippers won’t be intimidated by having to travel, and it would not be a huge surprise to see them win, however toppling Wizards on their home court could be a bridge too far for them.

Prediction: Wizards to win by 6.


#5 – Molly Hogan
#6 – Hannah Fathers
#7 – Chloe Buchan
#8 – Kayla Beverly
#9 – Emma Glenn
#10 – Mahlee McCarty
#11 – Regan McCarty
#12 – Georgia McCarron
#14 – Abi Marsh
#21 – Bianca Malifa
#24 – Kalista Niu
#42 – Sheena Hanks


#4 – Amy Benjamin
#5 – Andrea Prinsloo
#6 – Chelsea Reiffel
#7 – Madeline Campbell
#8 – Dustie Obah
#9 – Hayley Cotter
#10 – Zoe Campbell
#11 – Georgia Berry
#12 – Alana Tacey

SBL Grand Final Preview – Men

Northside Wizards (1) v Phoenix Clippers (3)

Last time: Round 9 – Northside Wizards 88 (J. Arthur 24) def Phoenix Clippers 78 (B. Hooper 24)

The Northside Wizards clinched a home Grand Final with a hard-fought 1 point victory over USC Rip City in their SBL Semi Final. Northside got over the line 65-64, Zac Williams-Hook scoring 15 points, and Hayden Burrow contributing 12.  This win reversed the result from the SBL Mens Grand Final last season.  A scare in the semi-final should have Northside primed for a tough battle in the Grand Final.

Phoenix Clippers won through to the Grand Final by defeating Gold Coast Rollers at Carrara last Friday night, winning strongly 90-74.  Jonathon Janssen was impressive in leading the way with 29 points, and he was well supported by Darnell Robateau with 22.  This result was a continuation of Clippers’ good form from the SBL Quarter-Final win over SWM Pirates, where Clippers got up 92-75, highlighted by Jonathon Janssen being dominant with 36 points.  Darnell Robateau provided some good support with 16 points, and Clippers held their form down the stretch.

When these teams met in Round 9, Northside got the win 88 – 78, with Jacob Arthur top scoring with 24 points.  Hayden Burrow scored 19 points, and was a strong presence on the court during the game.  Burrow has been very consistent during the Wizards’ campaign this season, contributing well in several games this season.  He scored 12 points both in the semi-final win over USC, and the last regular season game against Seahawks.  Jacob Arthur had 19 points in that game; and he, Burrow, and Zac Williams-Hook, will be the players Wizards fans hope will lead the charge in the Grand Final.

In the Round 9 game, Clippers’ Darnell Robeteau scored 22 points, and he has been one of the key factors in Clippers’ march to the Grand Final since he has come into the team.  He has been a leading influence on court in both finals win so far in the post-season, and he and Jonothan Janssen have emerged as focal points of the Phoenix offence.  You can bet the Wizards will look to shut them down in the Grand Final.  To back them up, Clippers will be hoping that Bede Hooper can continue his solid performances this season.  Hooper had 24 points in Round 9 against Northside, and if Wizards focus too much on Janssen and Robateau, Hooper could really hurt them on the scoreboard.

This game could come down to how the Wizards’ depth and roster depth can cope with the scoring potential of Janssen, Robateau and Hooper.  Phoenix Clippers have shown they can score well when given the opportunity, although they will not want to rely solely on their big two.  Northside have enjoyed a consistent spread of scoring across their roster throughout the season, and this game could be decided by which bench can make the best contribution when it counts.  We expect a very competitive match, and Clippers have the firepower to spring a win on Wizards’ home court.  If Northside can keep the Clippers scorers in check, they will be well on the way to a Grand Final win.

Prediction: Northside to win by 10.


#5 – Luke Stewart
#6 – Josh Potter
#7 – Erick Garcia
#8 – Fraser Lowrie
#10 – Jacob Arthur
#11 – Seton Samson
#12 – David Stewart
#13 – Zach Williams-Hook
#21 – Cameron Thew
#24 – Alec Hillman
#25 – Hayden Burrow
#33 – Dennis Thornton


#4 – Greg Turnbull
#5 – Anthony Kleine
#6 – Darnell Robateau
#7 – Connor Ward
#8 – Jordan Rost
#9 – Jono Frowd
#10 – Jonathon Janssen
#11 – Callum Parsons
#12 – Bede Hooper
#14 – Josh Truscott
#15 – Cooper Urquhart
#21 – Denzil Daniels



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