Player of the Week QBL 2018 – Round 2

Player of the Week – Round 2: Men’s – Titus Robinson, Mackay Meteors

QBL 2018 Round 2 Men’s Player of the Week Titus Robinson from the Mackay Meteors. 2 big away wins for Mackay in the Northern double header, Titus contributed with an average of 25 points and 12 rebounds in both games against Townsville on Friday and Cairns on Saturday.



Player of the Week – Round 2: Women’s – Week Amanda Johnson, Ipswich Force.

Congratulations to our Round 2 QBL 2018 Women’s Player of the Week Amanda Johnson from Ipswich Force. Amanda scored an astonishing 42 points in this single game, gathering 19 rebounds with a 50.0 FG percentage, contributing to her team’s 101 – 78 victory against Logan.